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Solar inverters are a pivotal component of solar systems, converting DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity that can be used by home appliances or fed into the national grid. We are an emerging solar inverters company in Pakistan that deals in all types of solar inverters in Lahore. We highlight how prices vary by size, brand, and technology and provide detailed consultation on inverters for potential buyers.

Overview of Solar Inverters in Pakistan

The solar power industry in Pakistan has grown substantially, driven by rising energy costs and environmental concerns. Solar inverters play a critical role in this setup and its green energy, and prices vary significantly based on the specifications and features offered.

Solar Inverters

Inverex VEYRON 1.2 KW MPPT

Inverex VEYRON 1.2 KW MPPT Solar Inverter First Time In Pakistan 1200Watt/2500Watt Inverter works without battery Auto Synchronization With Inverex

Solar Inverters

Fronus Platinum Pv9200 Price in

Inverter Specifications Voltage 195-283 VAC Selected Voltage Range 170 – 280 VAC (For Personal Computers) 90 – 280 VAC (For

Solar Inverters

Inverex-2.5-veyron-solar-inverter price in lahore Pakistan

Inverse-2.5-veyron-solar-inverter price in Lahore, Pakistan   FEATURE DESCRIPTION Power output 2.5 KW Input voltage range 10.5-28 VDC Maximum solar panel

inverex-2.5-veyron-solar-inverter price in lahore Pakistan

What Influences Solar Inverter Prices?

Several factors impact the cost of solar inverters in Pakistan:

  • Capacity: The output capacity of the inverter dictates its price. Common categories include 1kw, 3kw, 5kw, and 10kw inverters.
  • Brand: Established brands like Inverex, Huawei, and Tesla often command higher prices due to reliability and efficiency.
  • Technology: Hybrid and MPPT inverters are pricier than their primary counterparts due to their advanced features.
  • Market Trends: Prices can also fluctuate based on import rates, government policies, and technological advancements.
inverex-2.5-veyron-solar-inverter price in lahore Pakistan

Different Ranges of Solar Inverter as per Kilowat.

1kw,1.5kw,2kw,3kw,5kw, 10kw, 15kw & 20kw inverter price in Lahore Pakistan.

inverex-nitrox-12kw-hybrid-solar-inverter-solar price in lahore Pakistan

Brands we deal in solar Inverter.

The minimum inverter price in Pakistan is 80,000, and the average cost is RS450,000.

Stay Tuned for the latest price of Inverex, Huawei, Hybrid, Primax, Tesla, Fronius, Crown, Ziewnic, Growatt, Simtek, Inifnix, Knox, Goodwe,Homeage, Hopewind, Knox, Maxpower, NS VM, Power Square, Sineng, Solarmax, Chint, Solis, JFY, Saj, Chint, 



Future Trends in Solar Inverter Technology

The solar inverter market in Pakistan is expected to evolve with more efficient and innovative technologies. Innovations like AI integration and enhanced grid-support functionalities are on the horizon, promising to make solar energy more accessible and practical.

How to Choose the Right Solar Inverter in Lahore.

When selecting a solar inverter in Lahore, Your Home, Office, or Factory, small businesses, corporate sectors, and educational institutes, Hospitals consider these factors:

  • Capacity Needs: Assess your energy consumption to select an inverter with suitable capacity.
  • Brand Reputation: Opt for brands with proven reliability and customer support.
  • Warranty and Support: Check for warranty periods and the availability of after-sales support.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the inverter meets local and international standards.

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Inverter Price Range for Different Capacities and Brands

Here’s a closer look at the price ranges for various capacities and brands, from budget options to premium models, providing insights for every type of consumer.

  1. Budget-friendly Inverters: For those new to solar, brands like Homage and Max Power offer cost-effective solutions.
  2. Mid-range Inverters: Companies like Fronius and Growatt provide a balance between cost and performance.
  3. High-end Inverters: For the most advanced features, brands like Huawei and Tesla are the go-to options.