What is Indoor Led Screen

 SMD ED Screen  can make the SMD Indoor led display into various shapes like cuboids, cylinders, etc., to meet special requirements.

SMD Indoor Services

The most common application for SMD Indoor LED displays, often known as LED glass screens, is architectural glass curtain walls. With our line of products for indoor events, Indoor advertising, and other uses, SMD LED SCREEN provides ideal solutions.

To maximize the perspective effect and satisfy the end customer’s request to maintain visibility behind the LED display, SMD Outdoor LED displays were created using the SMD manufacturing process, LED encapsulation, and control systems that have undergone targeted improvements. These innovations were combined with the hollow design of the structure.

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Our Indoor LED Display Has This Advantage

To showcase their goods, raise consumer knowledge of their brands, and engage onlookers in a novel shopping experience, many malls and stores today seek to put on a show within their establishments. A Indoor LED display is without a doubt the best choice.

Easy Maintainance

The all-in-one design makes front and back maintenance straightforward and allows for replacing a single module when necessary without removing the entire led panel.


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The benefits of the TO series include high levels of protection, lightweight, simplicity in installation and maintenance, and high levels of Outdoor. Developed specifically for indoor use and easily assembled and disassembled to suit the requirements of diverse application scenarios.

What is a Indoor LED display?

Because traditional LED window displays operate as a dark wall that prevents customers from seeing inside and obstructs sunshine, your internal spaces must rely on artificial illumination. After micro-innovation, the structure’s hollow design minimizes structural members’ obstructions of the line of sight. It maximizes the perspective effect to give your indoor shopping space the best of both worlds: passersby from the outside can see in while natural sunlight can pass through for a pleasant indoor shopping experience. A narrower horizontal pixel pitch offers the screen a good enough definition for the audience’s lyrical content; a broader vertical pixel pitch makes the screen Outdoor.

Traditional LED window displays act as a dark wall, so shoppers can’t see in, and they block sunlight, so your indoor areas need to rely on artificial lighting. After micro-innovation, the hollow design of the structure, reducing the structural member stop the line of sight, maximize the perspective effect so that to offer your indoor shopping space the best of both worlds: natural sunlight can go through for a pleasant indoor shopping experience, while outdoors passers-by can see in. A larger vertical pixel pitch makes the screen Outdoor; a tighter horizontal pixel pitch gives the screen a good enough definition for the audience’s excellent content.

Different Brightness for Indoor & Outdoor LED Display

If there is no direct sunlight around the Indoor led display, and the viewers walk 

                                       and stay indoors, the suggested brightness will be 1200 nits.

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