Inverex VEYRON 1.2 KW MPPT Solar Inverter

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Inverex VEYRON 1.2 KW MPPT Solar Inverter

  • First Time In Pakistan 1200Watt/2500Watt Inverter works without battery
  • Auto Synchronization With Inverex Lithium Battery
  • Output Power Factor 1.0
  • Pure Sine Wave & High Voltage MPPT Solar Inverter
  • Priority Setting For Grid/PV Usage
  • Compatible To Mains Voltage Or Generator Power
  • Auto Restart While AC Is Recovering
  • Conformal Coating For Internal Boards
  • Built-in Anti-Dust kit
  • Upgraded MPPT Solar Charger of 80 AMP
  • Battery Cable Inside
  • UP graded Model New Attractive Design
  • PV-2000 WATTS SOLAR MPPT (1.2 KW)
  • Anti-Dust Kit
  • 80 AMP Solar Charger
  • PV-3000 WATTS SOLAR MPPT (2.5 KW)
  • Works without Battery
  • 5 Years Warranty
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